we’re all running and running and running

running towards things

running away from things

perpetual movement, perpetual desire, perpetual grasping

perpetual going


i move so fast through emotions and mindsets and selves sometimes it’s hard to remember the girl i was yesterday


so here i am throwing things onto this computer

and maybe they stick and maybe they don’t

maybe i’ll feel the same about it tomorrow

and maybe i won’t


life happens so fucking fast sometimes i forget to sit down and breathe. to recognise how i’m feeling now instead of how i felt yesterday.

sometimes i’ll write this stuff in my journal, and read through it sunday mornings with a cup of green tea and frank ocean on repeat

sometimes i’ll text my friends late at night and the words don’t quite make sense but they always get what i mean just right


and sometimes i’ll type it up on this place. sitting on a train, or in a tree, or in between books or work or more cups of tea.

i’ll type up a representation of my own truth in a split second

the reality of all that i embodied in one ephemeral moment

and it won’t be true for long

but it would have been true once

and maybe that’s enough



maybe it’s just my future self reading through it

or maybe its just friends

or future friends

or friends past

either way it’s here.

don’t know how long it’ll be here but it’s here

don’t know how long i’ll be here

but i’m here


and maybe that’s enough

for now.